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Fruth’s Annual Golf Tournament Proves to be a Hole in One by Merrily McAuliffe WOWK 13

HURRICANE, WV (WOWK) – Folks were hitting the links for a good cause! It was all part of the Fruth Annual Scholarship Golf Tournament, held at Sleepy Hollow Golf Course in Hurricane, WV.

The pharmacy has helped support many scholarship students in our region. In fact, the President of Fruth Pharmacy, Lynne Fruth, said that in 2022, over 50 students receiving a Fruth Scholarship. The tournament also supports the Bridge of Hope Scholarship fund, for individuals who’ve completed an addiction recovery program and want to further their education or enter into a trade program.

The tournament has helped contribute over $1,000,000 to scholarships for local universities, colleges and trade programs.

For more information on the fundraiser, and ways you can help get involved, click HERE.

Fruth’s annual golf tournament proves to be a hole in one | WOWK 13 News (

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Lynne Fruth President of Fruth Pharmacy Presents Ironton Staff with 2022 World of Difference Award

Point Pleasant, W.Va. – (May 25, 2023) – Lynne Fruth, President of Fruth Pharmacy, was in Ironton Friday May 5th, 2023 to present the staff at the Ironton Fruth Pharmacy the “World of Difference” Award.

Lynne Fruth, President of Fruth Pharmacy, presents the Ironton, Oh. staff members the 2022 World of Difference Award.

This award is presented each year to the staff at one store who have demonstrated the best teamwork and made the biggest impact on improving the store.

 Our Ironton staff, led by Pharmacists Ethan Baker, Mary Hannahan and Manager Amy Halterman, have persevered through a year of staff shortages and daily closures of other pharmacies in the area. These difficult circumstances brought out the best in our staff and leadership as everyone did whatever it took to provide customer service and keep our pharmacy open every day. In recognition for going above and beyond, the staff at Ironton will have the traveling World of Difference” Trophy for one year. As a show of appreciation, each staff member will receive a Fruth Polo or Scrub Top.

Lynne Fruth was quick to praise this team and the hard work they have done. “While other Ironton pharmacies have had to limit hours or even close their stores on multiple occasions, our staff did what was necessary to keep serving our patients in Ironton and Lawrence County. Congratulations to the entire staff for a job well done.”

Fruth Pharmacy is a family-owned company serving the tri-state area of West Virginia, Ohio, and Kentucky. Fruth Pharmacy has been in business since 1952.

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Fruth Pharmacy Announces 2022 Rising Star Award Recipient

L-R Drew Massey, Director of Pharmacy Operations, Caleb Samples, Central Fill Manager, Lynne Fruth, President of Fruth Pharmacy

Pleasant, W.Va. – (April 7, 2023) – Caleb Samples is Fruth Pharmacy’s 2022 Rising Star Award recipient.

Caleb Samples, a lifelong Putnam County resident, was awarded the 2022 Rising Star Award.

Samples began his career at Fruth Pharmacy in 2016 as an intern during his studies at Marshall University School of Pharmacy. Upon his graduation in 2020 he was hired as a full-time pharmacist for Fruth Pharmacy.

Samples has proven himself to be a great addition to the Fruth team. He has won competitions, scholarships, and was also featured alongside other Fruth pharmacists in Pharmacy Today magazine. Fruth held a competition named “Find the Money” where team members throughout the chain had an opportunity to win prizes. The competition challenged team members to send in ideas identifying ways to save money and time. Samples won that competition by suggesting a model in which remote work be utilized to lessen the burden of daily tasks, allowing pharmacy staff more time to directly care for patients.

Samples, however, humbly gives all credit for his success to his mentors.  “Fruth really went above and beyond training me to be a pharmacist. I began my career as Covid was hitting our area; an overwhelming time to be a healthcare worker. I learned so much about the care a pharmacist can provide as I worked alongside the leadership team testing patients and giving reassurance. As we are now exiting the pandemic phase it is nice to look back and realize how much we helped West Virginia as a company. I don’t know anywhere else I would have had the opportunity to work alongside the leadership team testing patients for COVID in a parking lot! I take great pride and joy working for a local company who cares about this area and people as much as I do.”

Lynne Fruth states, “It is evident to see why Caleb was chosen as our Rising Star. Caleb has many accomplishments under his belt since his start here. We are so proud to have him as part of our Fruth team. He has done such a wonderful job and has recently been promoted as Manager at our Central Fill location.”

Fruth Pharmacy is a family-owned company serving the tri-state area of West Virginia, Ohio, and Kentucky. Fruth Pharmacy has been in business since 1952.

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Paula Williams Receives Fruth Pharmacy’s Presidential Award

Point Pleasant, W.Va. – (February 2023) – Fruth Pharmacy is pleased to announce that District Manager, Paula Williams, was chosen as the recipient of Fruth Pharmacy’s 2022 Presidential Award. Paula has been with Fruth Pharmacy for 30 years.

L-R Lynne Fruth, President of Fruth Pharmacy, Paula Williams, District Manager of Fruth Pharmacy.

Fruth Pharmacy celebrates the accomplishments of employees each year, presenting awards to outstanding individuals who embody what it means to go beyond for our stores and communities. The Presidential Award is presented to a member of the Fruth support staff who has provided the stores with the most help and assistance in 2022.

Fruth Pharmacy chose Paula as a 2022 Presidential Award recipient for answering the call for store support. Paula’s commitment to her community, and Fruth Pharmacy, compelled Paula to work several hours and several weeks at the Nitro, Point Pleasant, Charleston, Eleanor, and Winfield stores to help with staff shortages. Covid made staffing difficult in many Fruth locations.

Paula began her career at Fruth Pharmacy in 1993 as an accounting clerk. She quickly moved into an Assistant Manager’s role and later Store Manager. Paula was awarded Manager of the Year in 2012. Paula now wears the title of District Manager. Paula’s real job is hiring, training, and assisting in the store management of retail sales for all locations, 2022 however, added lifesaver and emergency relief manager to Paula’s already wide range of duties.

Co-workers says, “We are so grateful to have such a wonderful leader, she always there to answer our questions and help us succeed!”

“For going beyond in supporting our stores, I am incredibly pleased to award Paula the 2022 Presidential Award. Paula has proven that she is, indeed, a diligent, hardworking lifesaver.” says Lynne Fruth, President of Fruth Pharmacy.

Fruth Pharmacy is a family-owned company. Currently, Fruth Pharmacy has 28 locations in West Virginia, Ohio, and Kentucky. Fruth Pharmacy is proud to be your Hometown Family Pharmacy since 1952.

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Local Fruth Pharmacy Managers Honored for Top Performance

Point Pleasant, W.Va. – (February 2023) –Fruth Pharmacy Store Manager, Ray Kilgore, is the annual recipient of Fruth Pharmacy’s Manager of the Year Award.

Fruth Pharmacy celebrates the accomplishments of employees each year, presenting awards to outstanding individuals who embody what it means to go beyond for our stores and communities.

Lynne Fruth, President of Fruth Pharmacy visited the Huntington area to recognize the top 3 managers in the Fruth chain for 2022. Ray Kilgore, from the 7th Avenue Huntington store was named Manager of the Year.

L-R Shauna Kerns, Camden Ave. Manager, Lynne Fruth, President, Ray Kilgore, 7th Ave. Manager, Kim Donahoe, Proctorville Manager, and Michelle Callicoat, 7th Ave Associate.

Shauna Kerns, manager at Camden Rd. in Huntington and Kim Donahoe, Proctorville Ohio manager, were recognized as finalists.

Kim has been a manager at the Proctorville location for many years. Kim has been very successful in her role with Fruth Pharmacy and has been a finalist many times for the Manager of the Year Award. Kim won that award in 2018. Kim was also part of the award winning team in Proctorville in 2021 for the World of Difference award. Kim is often referred to as the “heroine” of the Proctorville store. “Kim is unselfish and is quick to share any praise with her team,” says Lynne Fruth.

Shauna began her career at Fruth in Ironton. She rose to the position of Assistant Manager and then Manager quickly. Shauna has been a road warrior for Fruth, serving as Store Manager in several Fruth locations. She currently manages the Huntington store on Camden Ave. Shauna never remains still, she is always on the go working, training, and assisting others. “Where Shauna goes, success and excellence will follow. She is a shining example of what a Fruth manager should be”, stated Lynne Fruth.

Ray is a retail veteran having worked for several companies throughout the years. He is currently the Store Manager at the Huntington store located on 7th Avenue. Ray’s employees say, “Ray is the friendliest manager we have ever had, and he is overall just an outstanding person, he has taught us a lot.”

In addition, Assistant Manager, Michelle Callicoat, also of the 7th Avenue location was a finalist in the Fruth Associate of the Year Award.

Fruth commented, “we are very blessed to have so many outstanding leaders working in our greater Huntington market. This is a great group of employees who regularly work together to improve all stores.”

Fruth Pharmacy is a family-owned company. Currently, Fruth Pharmacy has 28 locations in West Virginia, Ohio, and Kentucky. Fruth Pharmacy is proud to be your Hometown Family Pharmacy since 1952.

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Fruth Pharmacy Donates Check to the Bill O’Dell Legacy Fund

The Late Bill O’Dell

Point Pleasant, W.Va. – (November 3, 2022) – Fruth Pharmacy donated $10,000 to kickstart the Bill O’Dell Legacy Fund. The Legacy Fund was set up in memory of Bill O’Dell, director of the Putnam County Wellness Coalition who passed away unexpectantly in 2019. O’Dell worked tirelessly toward the greater good of the youth in Putnam County and surrounding areas for over 30 years. O’Dell focused his efforts on educating young adults about the dangers of addiction and the importance of education. Those who knew O’Dell, whether through friendship, work, or his mentorship, describe him as ‘passionate and selfless’.

Lynne Fruth is also passionate about helping the youth in her community. Knowing the achievements and the countless programs that O’Dell enacted for the betterment of his community, Lynne felt the need to honor his memory. The Fruth Executive Team decided helping the Legacy Fund get off the ground would be the perfect way to honor O’Dell’s achievements and continue his work. “I feel honored to be able to present this check to the Legacy Fund, Bill was a true leader and held to his conviction that to have great leaders and secure the futures of our children, we must step in and fill the gaps. Bill was passionate about the kids.”

Lynne Fruth, President of Fruth Pharmacy, presents $10,000 check to the Bill O’Dell Legacy Fund.
Jack Fruth, Founder of Fruth Pharmacy.

Jack Fruth, founder of Fruth Pharmacy, established Scholarship Programs that have provided over $1M to help young adults meet the cost of furthering their educations. Lynne Fruth, following in her father’s footsteps, helped establish the Bridge of Hope Scholarship Fund that provides money for West Virginians in recovery to seek training or education beneficial to re-enter the work force. Fruth Pharmacy was also among the first to replace single ingredient pseudoephedrine with a tamper resistant product, Nexafed, that cannot be manipulated and made into Methamphetamine. Fruth and O’Dell share a passion for educating the children of their communities and helping end addiction.

Bill’s wife Judy O’Dell and daughter Tina Shumaker were on hand to represent Bill’s family. Judy expressed, “We are honored and humbled by the recognition Bill has been given. Receiving this contribution towards continuing Bill’s work is the best way he could be honored. Thank you.”

Fruth Pharmacy is a regional chain of twenty-eight stores in WV, OH and KY.

For more information about Fruth Pharmacy, visit 

Thank you from Fruth Pharmacy, Your Hometown, Family Pharmacy.

If you would like to hear more about Bill O’Dell or Lynne Fruth’s advances in their efforts to help the children of their communities and their fight against addiction please contact: Jackie Haynes, Advertising/Graphics Specialist, Fruth Pharmacy at 304-675-1612 ext. 134 or by email  at

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Fruth Pharmacy Celebrates 70 Years!

Pictured above is Jack Fruth in the first Fruth Pharmacy, founded in Point Pleasant, WV.

Point Pleasant, W.Va. This November Fruth Pharmacy is celebrating 70 years in business.

With old-fashioned values and a motto “to do the right thing”, Fruth Pharmacy has been successfully operating for 70 years.

There are so many incredible things to celebrate in this amazing 70-year span. Fruth Pharmacy has seen both good times and bad:  from opening new stores to salvaging store remnants through fire and flood and facing the 2020 Covid-19 Pandemic head on. 70 years in business has been a labor of love for the entire Fruth family.

Mr. Jack Fruth left a budding military career at Greenbriar Military Academy when he lost his sight due to measles and pneumonia. After an experimental procedure at the time, Mr. Fruth regained partial vision. No longer eligible to serve in the military, Mr. Fruth set out to embark in a career as a pharmacist.

Losing his sight turned Mr. Fruth’s path in a new direction. He not only gained learning and experience at the Ohio State School of Pharmacy, but Jack also gained a wife, which in turn led to Mr. and Mrs. Fruth building a life together in Point Pleasant, WV. The Fruth’s welcomed five children: Mike, Joan, Carol, Lynne, & John. All five of the Fruth children have actively taken part in growing the business from the first times they can remember.

Left to Right: Frances “Babs” Fruth, Carol Fruth, Joan Fruth, Mike Fruth, Lynne Fruth, and John Fruth

“When you were tall enough to reach the counter standing on a block, you were able to help by working the cash register,” recalled Joan Fruth, who currently serves as Special Projects Coordinator.

Mr. Fruth was an active community member, helping to set up many other local businesses. He supported community projects and causes for the less fortunate. Mr. Fruth addressed homelessness, set-up scholarships for college bound students, and served his community diligently.

A celebration of business for Fruth Pharmacy is also a celebration of the life of Mr. Jack Fruth and his gifts to the local communities in which Fruth Pharmacy continues to serve.

Lynne Fruth, President of Fruth Pharmacy.

“Fruth Pharmacy continues its active role in community projects today,” Lynne Fruth, President and Chairman of the Board explained. “Helping members of our community as we are able, stays a driving force for our business. We believe our success comes from the support our customers and employees give us. We simply do our best to return that support.”

Following in her father’s footsteps Lynne Fruth, now President of Fruth Pharmacy, has continued her father’s legacy. One of the special contributions Lynne has brought forward is the Bridge of Hope Fund. The fund is set up to help those in addiction recovery set up a college education and find their way back into the workforce and community.

“Education was important to my parents. We wish to help those with educational goals achieve degrees for a successful future,” said Lynne Fruth who was a successful educator for West Virginia schools before taking over the reins at Fruth Pharmacy.

Fruth Contribution to the Bridge of Hope Fund
Lynne Fruth, President of Fruth Pharmacy Helps During Covid Testing Event

Lynne and her support team led the way through the Covid-19 Pandemic. Testing sites were set up and Lynne Fruth worked side by side with her team on the front lines. Cold, rainy, sometimes snow, did not hinder the job that lay ahead for Fruth Pharmacy. The team spent their days meeting with community members, helping to ease the minds of those finding the need to assess for Covid-19. During this unprecedented time, the community needed compassion and help. Lynne and her support team were there front and center. Lynne would not have had it any other way.

Fruth Pharmacy was among the first to set up Covid-19 vaccination clinics. Serving the community is at the core of the Fruth family and they have never wavered.

Mike Fruth also shared memories, “Dad believed in helping others and doing what you love. I became a pharmacist myself, not because that is what he wanted, but it was something I had grown to love. He enjoyed helping others and serving the public. A pharmacist gets to interact with the patient in many ways. Many times, the pharmacist becomes the patient’s most valuable healthcare source of information.”

Now 29 stores strong in Ohio, West Virginia, and Kentucky, Lynne Fruth took a moment to reflect, “I don’t think dad had any idea when he started his first store on Jackson Avenue in Point Pleasant, that 70 years later our company would continue to serve the community in Point Pleasant as well as 28 other communities.”

Currently, in a time where many families and businesses are struggling due to the chaotic economy, Fruth Pharmacy clings to its core values. They continue to support local charities and show customers and employees appreciation by hosting events and giving away gifts and prizes. The company reward has been ten-fold as Fruth Pharmacy has been blessed for 70 years with loyal customers and employees. May the traditions of Jack Fruth continue forward, showing kindness and bringing communities together as one.

What do the next 70 years have in store for Fruth Pharmacy? Lynne Fruth answered, “We are going to continue to serve our communities. We will strive to hold up the ideals that my father proven in 1952:  Treat customers and employees with respect, and always do the right thing.”

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Regional Chains Meet up at Annual Southern Drug Store Association Meeting

Point Pleasant, W.Va. – (September 7, 2022) – The annual meeting was held at the beautiful Coeur d’Alene Resort in northern Idaho on August 18-21. Bill Ladwig, SVP of Lewis Drug, was the host of this year’s event which was attended by CEOs, Pharmacy Executives and CFOs from Hi-School Pharmacy, Sav Mor Drug, Osborn Drug, Fruth Pharmacy, Lewis Drug, Hometown Pharmacy -Michigan, Drug Emporium, Hartig Drug and Auburn Pharmacy. The meeting also included a select group of sponsors who enjoyed the ample opportunities to interact with the leaders of the Regional Chains. This year’s sponsors included McKesson, Cardinal, Capsa, Centor, Pharmacist Mutual Insurance and Anda.

Southern Drug Group on Lake Coeur d’Lane Dinner Cruise.

The active exchange of best practices and innovative ideas made this meeting a value to all who attended. Some key topics addressed this year were addressing margin compression, 340B opportunities, new retail margin opportunities, labor concerns, pharmacist recruitment, and driving state policies. Each chain had the chance to showcase new practices and areas of pharmacy or operations that are providing positive impacts for their company. Members left the meeting with some tried and true ideas to put into practice at their own company.

Doug Hoey, CEO of NCPA, attended as an invited guest and provided a brief presentation on current pharmacy issues, and Scott Cross, CFO of Lewis Drug provided a presentation on measuring financial metrics in pharmacy.

Bill Osborn, Jack Holt, and Bill Ladwig Golfing on the Beautiful Coeur d’Lane Course

In addition to two and a half days of meetings, members, sponsors and guests had an opportunity to play golf on the Coeur d’Lane Course, home of the famous floating green. The non-golfers enjoyed bicycle tours, fishing and spa activities. Each meal was a great chance for sponsors and members to discuss pertinent topics and possible opportunities. At the Sunday night event, held on the mountain overlooking the lake, host Bill Ladwig passed the famous napkin to next year’s host Charlie Hartig, CEO of Hartig Drug. Many years ago, a tradition was started of the host signing the napkin and then passing it on to the next year’s host. Charlie Hartig was excited to see his father Dick Hartig’s name along with many older chains like Happy Harry’s, Long’s on the napkin. Hartig plans to host SDSA in the Wisconsin area next August. For Sponsorship opportunities or for chains interested in attending, please contact Charlie Hartig at

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Dana Richardson Promoted to Chief Financial Officer

Point Pleasant, W.Va. – (August 26, 2022) – Fruth Pharmacy is pleased to announce the promotion of Dana Richardson to the role of Chief Financial Officer.

Dana Richardson, New Chief Financial Officer

Dana’s added responsibilities as a senior member of the executive team will include finance, accounting, financial business developments and relationships, debt management and internal controls. Dana will report directly to Lynne Fruth, President of Fruth Pharmacy.

Dana comes with 27 years of accounting experience and 18 years of management experience.

Lynne Fruth, President of Fruth Pharmacy said, “We are pleased to name a local Mason County resident as our new CFO. Dana has done an excellent job as Controller here and previously at Pleasant Valley Hospital. Dana brings a great skill set, an amazing work ethic and a true commitment to Fruth and the local community.”

“I am very excited to join the Fruth executive team. I believe the potential for growth and continued service to our communities in West Virginia, Ohio, and Kentucky. It is an extreme honor to be given this opportunity. I look forward to the key role this position serves as a member of the executive team and to Fruth as a whole.”, stated Dana.

Dana has been the Controller at Fruth Pharmacy for four years, managing and streamlining the workflow in the accounting department. Dana also played an integral part in Fruth Pharmacy’s new Magstar computer system.

Dana received her Bachelor’s degree in Accounting at Fairmont State College, now known as Fairmont State University. Dana received her Master of Professional Accountancy at West Virginia University and is a Certified Public Accountant.

Dana started her career at Ernst & Young LLC in Charleston, WV where she was a member of the audit team. Dana later became a senior accountant at St. Mary’s Medical Center (SMMC) in Huntington, WV. Dana later transitioned to the Decision Support Department at SMMC. Dana also spent 14 years at Pleasant Valley Hospital as their Controller managing the accounting department.

Dana is knowledgeable with pharmacy processes and front-end retail sales. Dana has set up professional relationships with pharmacists, managers, and board members.

Dana is also a member of the General Federation of Woman’s Club (GFWC), Point Pleasant Junior Woman’s Club, and GFWC Woman’s Club of Point Pleasant. Dana currently holds the position of treasurer for the GFWC West Virginia Executive Board.

 Dana and her husband, Steve, have been married for 27 years and live in Leon, WV. They have two sons, Matthew (Amanda), and Austin.

Steve teaches pre-engineering at Mason County Career Center and also owns a heating and air conditioning business.

Fruth Pharmacy is a family-owned company that has been in business for 69 years. Fruth Pharmacy has a total of 29 locations in West Virginia, Ohio, and Kentucky.

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