Fruth Pharmacy to Say Goodbye to Teresa Stapleton

Point Pleasant, W.Va. – (March 10, 2020) – Teresa Stapleton began her career in Human Resources in 1991 with Kermit Coal Company in Kermit, WV.

Growing up, Teresa always thought she would be a nurse.  Her father was an elementary school principal and he was confident she needed to pursue a career in education.  Her brothers both worked in the coal industry.  Rather than going to nursing school, or pursuing a career in education, she accepted an entry level position in the coal industry.  During this time, Teresa embraced every opportunity to take on new challenges and was quickly promoted into roles that introduced her and allowed her to fall in love with a job in Human Resources.

“From an early age, I was taught my priorities were my faith, my family, and then my career,” Teresa began, explaining her career choice, “working in Human Resources allowed me to intertwine my faith and my career.  My heart has always been to help people and I have been so blessed by having a career that would allow me to fulfill this passion,” she concluded.

In 2014, Teresa’s career took a turn in another direction.  The division she worked for in the coal industry was sold.  She was offered a transfer to another division within the company which would have required relocation.  Instead of accepting the transfer, she elected to leave the organization and pursue other options.  She began her career with Fruth Pharmacy on August 5, 2014.

“My husband’s career was also in the coal industry,” Teresa explained, “due to the decline in the coal industry at the time, I elected to pursue a job outside of that industry.  My job search led me to Fruth Pharmacy where I have had the honor of finishing my career in Human Resources.”

During Teresa’s tenure at Fruth, she helped establish the Red Vest Award.  The Red Vest Award recognizes employees that go above and beyond their normal job duties to assist in saving someone’s life.

“One thing that was probably the most rewarding, was the implementation of the Red Vest Award that was created by our HR Team,” Teresa shared, “Being a small part of saying a big ‘Thank You’, to our employees for truly making a difference in the life of some of our customers and our own employees is the true reason I love HR!”

There are many things Teresa will miss about her career at Fruth Pharmacy.

“I have had the honor of working with employees that have truly impacted my life in so many ways! My life is richer by having the opportunity to be a part of this organization,” she concluded.

Teresa’s husband recently retired in December of 2019.  Upon her retirement, Teresa and her husband plan to spend more time at their cabin and lake enjoying time with their family.  Teresa also hopes to have more time to devote and serve to her church.

Currently, Teresa’s retirement date is not set.  She is planning on retiring in April once a replacement has been found.



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