March 18, 2020
Dear Valued Fruth Customer:

In light of the coronavirus pandemic, Fruth Pharmacy is committed to providing outstanding customer service to all our customers. Our stores will remain open. At this time, we will be offering call in orders for curbside pick-up for any customers who may be interested and do not wish to shop in-store. It is strongly recommended that “at risk”, elderly and/or patients with underlying health conditions limit the chance for exposure to COVID-19. Please contact your local Fruth Pharmacy to place your order and schedule a pick-up. 

Due to supplier issues, Fruth continues to receive shipments daily, but has seen certain items allocated and purchase limits based on quantities at the store. The goal is to be able to supply needed items to as many customers as possible in this trying time. 

Fruth has local delivery services available. You can call your local Fruth Pharmacy and request items be delivered to your home; with a prescription, there is no minimum purchase. If you do not have a prescription, we ask that you have a minimum purchase of $25.00. For those of you, who may not have a minimum purchase of $25 or live outside our delivery area, we will offer curbside pickup. Simply call the store ahead and request your items. Our store will provide estimates on length of time for your order. Once the order has been fulfilled, they will call you to let you know the order is ready for pick up. When you arrive at our store, please call the store’s phone number, give them your name, and tell them you have an order to pick up. One of our associates will bring the order to your car.

Please feel free to continue to use our drive-thru service in areas where this is available. However, please note that large orders will need to be fulfilled at curbside, as some items cannot be passed through the drive-thru windows or tubes. To place an order or if you have questions, please call your local Fruth Pharmacy. You can find your Fruth on our website at Click the box above the word within and enter name of city or zip code, or you can call our corporate office for to request your store’s information at 304-675-1612.

Our employees are compassionate and understanding. If you need help, please do not hesitate to ask! 

With flu season in progress and the additional worry of the coronavirus, Fruth has implemented extra precautions in sanitizing our stores. We are sanitizing stations, keyboards, counters, phones, and other surfaces once each hour with a bleach or other cleaning solution. We have provided hand sanitizer at our entrances and cash registers. We are also giving our employees extra time to increase the frequency of their handwashing. We are providing gloves or the use of sanitizer for our cashiers and pharmacy associates.

Fruth Pharmacy is proud to be Your Hometown, Family Pharmacy. Now is the time for our communities to come together. If you know your neighbors are elderly or at high risk, now is the time to help! Please check on the people in your community.

Thank you,

Lynne Fruth, President Fruth Pharmacy

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